New Yandere Simulator Update adds Teachers & Teacher’s Pets

New Yandere Simulator Update adds Teachers & Teacher’s Pets

Yandere Simulator has received a new update adding a few new additions to the game. There’s now teachers in the game where you would have to be wary of when you’re progressing through the game, and there’s also a new personality, the teacher’s pet. This new personality goes to his / her favorite teacher to report almost anything, including your actions like killing other students.

You’ll also have to attend class on time and be a good student to keep your innocent good image and excel in your studies.

It was also announced that the development time to make a new build of the game will take a lot longer, as these new features are more complex and harder to develop compared to earlier features.

If you’d like to download the latest build of the game, go here, and if you’d like to follow the game’s development, go here.

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