New Umbra Gameplay Video Released

New Umbra Gameplay Video Released

Umbra, a CryEngine powered top-down action RPG developed by SolarFall Games where there’s no classes as you play as a character that has it all, just got a new 3 minute gameplay video showcasing its mechanics.

“In this video we explain the two basic gameplay mechanics of Umbra; the first one is the Resource Opposition system which is intended to provide balance to the freedom of character development that the player has.” said Daniel Dolui, lead programmer at SolarFall Games, “The second is all about Elemental Effect Interaction, where players manage the effectiveness of Fire, Lightning, Water and Ice according to the combination of character’s skills and the environment in which they take place.”

As said in the video, the developers will launch a Kickstarter funding campaign for the game on the 13th of May 2015. For more info about the game, go here.

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