New Defunct Screenshots

New Defunct Screenshots

Defunct just got a new nicer look, and so with the new look comes new beautiful screenshots.

Anders Hedström, Lead Artist at Freshly Squeezed, commented: “Now that Defunct isn’t just a school project anymore, we wanted to take the art to a more serious level. While the new style keeps some of the elements that gave the original its slightly old-school charm, the level of detail and polish has been significantly improved, and we’re focusing much more on supporting the story and the believability of the game world.”

If you don’t know what Defunct is, it’s an indie game where you play as robot who needs to get back to its spaceship as fast as possible. It’s a game that requires focus on flow, speed and finesse. If you still don’t get or imagine how it plays out, just look at this (old) gameplay video trailer.

Defunct is coming out in Q3 2015 for the PC. For more info about the game, go here.

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