Mekazoo, A Colorful Platformer With Fun Mekanimals

Mekazoo, A Colorful Platformer With Fun Mekanimals

Mekazoo, developed by The Good Mood Creators, is a 2.5D fast-paced platformer filled with what looks like a lot of fun and exciting adventures, with how fast you have to move and how quickly you have to character-swap in certain parts as you platform.

  • Use pairs of Mekanimals to swing, boost, bounce, climb, and fly through fast and flowy platforming environments.
  • Take on an insectoid army, and overcome the many challenges that lie ahead.
  • Defeat Gigantic Mekanimal Bosses to unlock their power.
  • Collect shiny medals, sparkling gems, and bountiful Mekaballs for wondrous rewards.
  • Explore a variety of lush environments inside and out, and discover the secrets of the Mekanasphere.

The game looks cheerful and has charming characters to boost. For more info, go here.

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