Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Shares Her Singing Voice In Kholat

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Shares Her Singing Voice In Kholat

The developers of Kholat, an upcoming game first person story-telling / experience game by IMGN.PRO, just announced that Mary Elizabeth McGlynn is now working on the game to create the soundtrack for it. You may know Mary’s work from the game Silent Hill. They shared a sample song from the game which you can listen above.

Lukasz Kubiak, IMGN.PRO – “Mary Elizabeth McGlynn immediately came to our minds when we began the search for the voice that suits the specific mood of Kholat. She finally agreed to work with us, and the first takes in recording studio sounded great straight away.

The satisfaction coming from this cooperation is also a personal thing for me – it’s an amazing feeling to hear the voice of McGlynn in your own game, especially if you’re a devoted fan of the Silent Hill series.”

They also release new screenshots of Kholat

Kholat is releasing on 10th June 2015. For more info about the game, go here.

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  • Kylie Dowers
    Jun 11, 2015 @ 20:25 pm

    Enjoying the game as I watch HarshlyCritical play it Ii was excited to hear Mary’s gorgeous voice. Is it possible to get her songs from Kholat anywhere and the sound track. I’d be very grateful thank you


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