Kôna Releasing On Steam Early Access In July

Kôna Releasing On Steam Early Access In July

Kôna, the first person story survival game that got funded on Kickstarter, is getting ready to release a spoiler-free version of the game in July 2015 on Steam’s Early Access program. Announced via a Kickstarter Update, the release will be called “The Lost Woods”, and the full first episode of the game will be released in September.

Kôna on Early Access? Really? The answer is Yes. We believe that Beta-testing our game behind closed doors is not the best idea for a small studio like ours. Things such as controls, difficulty level and balancing will certainly benefit from a 3-month early access period.

We are working on a large, spoiler-free area of the game called “The Lost Woods” that contains most of the survival and exploration mechanics of the first episode. The plan is to release this area on early access in July in order to gather feedback and fix major issues before our official full episode launch in September

They also released a video showcasing some new clips and the English voice acting which you can see / listen above.

For more info about the game, go here.

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