Here’s The First Nine Dollar Computer, CHIP

Here’s The First Nine Dollar Computer, CHIP

You remember when you wished the you could get a 9$ tiny computer? Me neither, but awesomely enough here it is! CHIP, a tiny computer around the size of two triple-A batteries, it’s arguably powerful for what it is, with 1GHz processor, 512MB of ram, and a 4GB worth of storage.

It also has 802.11B/G/N WIFI connection and Bluetooth 4.0. Works with any old or new screens, and surprising it does work in an decent state from the looks of it. You can surf the net and even play games on it.

And it’s only 9 dollars. They started a Kickstarter to fund the productions of this piece of tech, and good news is that they already got funded and surpassed its goal.

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