Gorgeous Game of The Week: Power Drive 2000

Gorgeous Game of The Week: Power Drive 2000

We have a lot of beautiful looking racing games out there, but non of them are a gorgeous looking 1980’s inspired arcade sci-fi racing that’s set in the future in the year 2000 like Power Drive 2000.

1980’s Sci-fi Arcade Racer

Set in The Year 2000

The Future is Here

It has that 80’s feeling, it has that imaginative / speculative mind of how the future will look like in the year 2000, it has all the awesome music for you to jam on, it has the adored arcade gameplay feeling like those classical games that you’ve played when you were a kid, and it also has a talking car.

The game is in-development and is currently on Kickstarter to in the hopes of acquiring funds to help develop and release this dream game of the future. So if you like what you’ve seen and want this game to release as soon as possible, check out its Kickstarter page and help it get funded here.

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