Gorgeous Game of The Week: Mind: Path to Thalamus

Gorgeous Game of The Week: Mind: Path to Thalamus

There’s only a few amazingly beautiful games in the combined genres of first-person, story-driven and puzzle-solving, but only one that’s mind-blowingly gorgeous and that game is Mind: Path to Thalamus.

Trapped Inside Your mind

Bend Natural Elements

Be At Peace & Move on

It’s truly wonderful one a person’s mind can hold, especially when one can represented visually to a beautiful degree. To incorprate puzzle solving gameplay elements that adds to the beauty of this amazing world is truly outstanding.

Mind: Path of Thalamus is already on the PC, a gorgeous art filled puzzle adventure game that rightfully & proudly stands firmly to be looked at as a piece of art and as an enjoyable game. For more information about it, go here.

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