Gorgeous Game of The Week: Jotun

Gorgeous Game of The Week: Jotun

Hand-drawn art is beautiful and filled with so much charm and personality, and when it’s found in a game rather than a still piece of art, it just adds more allure to its overall charm as you can see and control its beauty. One game that captures that is an action exploration adventure game set in Norse mythology called Jotun.

A Norse Warrior

To Prove Herself To The Gods

And Enter Valhalla

The art style, animation and the Norse mythology theme the game has makes you emit the words of beauty as it is nothing but that or more. It is mesmerizing and will most likely be even more so upon release.

Jotun is currently in development with Kickstarter backers having access to a playable alpha build on the PC. This gorgeous looking game will hopefully be available for release sometime in 2015. For more information about it, go here.

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