Gorgeous Game of The Week: Drifting Lands

Gorgeous Game of The Week: Drifting Lands

You don’t see a lot of genuinely good looking shoot’em ups these days, but Drifting Lands that’s being developed by Alkemi is an absolute beauty. It’s not only a shooter but a hack & slasher as well, with slight RPG elements in there too. We can talk about how it plays, but for now we’ll just look at how gorgeous it is.

Hack  &  Slash

Shoot’em  Up

Bullet Hell

This probably left you having your jaw dropped because of how gorgeous it looks, especially seeing this good looker in this kind of genre. Drifting Lands is using a the 2D horizontal look, but as you’ve probably noticed it’s using 3D models (see this) and that resulted in making really cool & nice looking effects / movements.

The game is in-development at the moment, but it does have an alpha demo available for the public to play on Steam, so if you’re interested then go check it out here.

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