Gardenarium Released, A Mesmerising Beauty Like No Game

Gardenarium Released, A Mesmerising Beauty Like No Game

Gardenarium, a game by KO-OP Mode, is a first person “chill adventure” game that’s “taking place on a cloud in the sky.” where you have to clean up cans from the ground, and as you do, the ‘cloud’ is flourished.

KO-OP Mode is always producing obscure but oddly interesting games, and as for their latest wonder, it’s alluring and beautiful. We played and finished it in less than an hour, but that short span of time was nothing but interesting, gorgeous and admiring.

With hand-drawn 2D art and animations in a 3D world, using unique and smart techniques for certain models that adds charm to its characters,  coupled with a fascinating  soundtrack to move you on through your journey. Gardenarium is a mesmerizing beauty that will keep you in awe throughout its short but wonderful experience.

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