Gamescom 2015: Mafia III Reveal Trailer Released. Gameplay Videos

Gamescom 2015: Mafia III Reveal Trailer Released. Gameplay Videos

It’s not a gameplay trailer but we’re happy nonetheless. Mafia 3 was announced a week before Gamescom and now we get to see its first trailer. Coming out on the PC, PS4 and XB1 in 2016.

UPDATE: As it turns out, has a preview of the game and with it gameplay footage alongside information about it. Thumbs up to neogaf user Oynox Slider for compiling the info.

  1. Joe’s fate will be explained, Vito returns
  2. protagonist: Lincoln Clay, complete orphan, Vietnam veteran
  3. you will fight agains the Italian mob
  4. you will get help from Vito Scaletta, Cassandra (the afro woman) and Burke (man with moustache)
  5. you will be able to call them via a phone booth, as well as other kinds of support (snipers, drive-by)
  6. no coop
  7. your partners will only help in special missions, besides that, you are on your own
  8. late 60s / early 70s atmosphere in New Orleans, including Mississippi flair (French Quarter, Jazz Bars, Rollings Stones)
  9. graphic is not as good as it looks in screenshots, textures are weak, lighting is good, facial animations seems unfinished (early gameplay version)
  10. “more focused” than the Open World of GTAV
  11. side activities like clearing a gang hideout
  12. choices affect the world: do you let a informant run or not
  13. you will “conquer” the several districts of the map and then assign parts to administer to your friends, which one you choose will have different effects
  14. no “deep” economy system like in The Godfather 2
  15. you can shoot AND drive
  16. no health regeneration
  17. different pistols, revolvers. shotguns and mps as weapons, as well as grenade(launchers)
  18. you can still sneak
  19. brutal take-downs are confirmed
  20. you can carry only two guns
  21. cannot pull bodies out of the way
  22. destructible environments
  23. AI does not seem stupid
  24. red arrows mark enemies

Others got to preview the game with game too (same gameplay?) so let’s watch

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