Forget TeamSpeak, Mumble and Skype, Download Discord For Free!

Forget TeamSpeak, Mumble and Skype, Download Discord For Free!

Now I’ve been using Ventrillo for a long time when I was playing World of Warcraft, then decided after years that me and my friends would move Mumble but that was a.. well let’s just say that I like Ventrillo better. Soon after right around Battlefield 3’s announcement I went into using TeamSpeak and it was a good service compared to the others, and I’ve been using it til now chilling on my friends TS and managing my own, but then a friend introduced me to Discord.

To best title what Discord is, it’s the next generation of voice over IP (VOIP), and text communication too for that matter. After I used it for a mere few hours I decided to straight up leave TeamSpeak and cancel my server to start using Discord instead.

Comparing it to what I know best which is TeamSpeak, it’s faster, cleaner, more user friendly, uses less CPU power, more intuitive, has more features that’s both “neat” and technically better, and in a way a more compact service of a bunch of other services. You can also easily make your own server for yourself and your friends with no complications at all, and you don’t have to pay a dime. A premium high-quality product that’s been released completely for free.

It’s still currently in Alpha stage of development and yet it’s phenomenal! I could see more options being added, and I’ll be sending my feature-list that I’d love to see implemented in it, but so far it holds the crown of the VOIP and text service for gamers and non-gamers alike.

Check it and try it out for your self here. [<– more info]

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