Final Fantasy 15 Engine Running With DX12

Final Fantasy 15 Engine Running With DX12

Sequire Enix has a fantastic piece of technology, a powerful and beautiful engine as made apparent with their upcoming game Final Fantasy XV. Before that was announced they showed off a tech demo running on DX11 back in 12 using that same engine as FFXV, and now they’re back again to show off another tech demo in 2015 using that exact same engine heavily improved and running on DX12, that’s what you’re seeing above in the video and screenshots below.

agni-demo-screenshots-11 agni-demo-screenshots-12

agni-demo-screenshots-9 agni-demo-screenshots-10

agni-demo-screenshots-7 agni-demo-screenshots-8

agni-demo-screenshots-5 agni-demo-screenshots-6

agni-demo-screenshots-3 agni-demo-screenshots-4

agni-demo-screenshots-1 agni-demo-screenshots-2


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