Dota 2 REBORN! New Client & Game Engine

Dota 2 REBORN! New Client & Game Engine

This last Friday, Valve announced Dota 2 Reborn a completely new client and game engine for Dota 2, presumably based off the Source 2 engine toting a brand new interface among other things.

The mini site showcases several new features such as improved spectating, a HOTS like hero demo system and better tutorials.

Managing your party has never been easier, now with added party voice chat and a HOTS like party beacon wherein you can automatically notify your friends if your party needs more players!

Not only is the interface shinier, you can now demo any hero allowing you to practice last hitting and test out their abilities without going into a botgame.

You are also able to filter your heroes in several different ways, helping you pin down that one hero that just slipped your mind.

The new and improved spectator client will allow for you to quickly switch inbetween games and receive at a glance information!

Along with this update, Valve is expanding its series of tutorials, which will greatly help introducing more players to the often frightening learning experience of a MOBA.

Next week Valve will showcase their expanded custom game support over at their website here.

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