Don’t Buy it. Criticize , Complain & Get a Refund For Batman: Arkham Knight on PC

Don’t Buy it. Criticize , Complain & Get a Refund For Batman: Arkham Knight on PC

Batman: Arkham Knight got released and the port for the PC that was handled by iOS & console focused team Iron Galaxy studios is garbage. The first thing you’ll notice is that the default frame rate that you can’t edit until you go inside the game’s files and manually edit it is 30 FPS.

Running at 30 or 60 FPS, the frames are all over the place. Even with the best graphics card the frames will go from 60 to 10 FPS. Aside from the bouncing frames that never seem to stop bouncing, you’ll experience wonderful stutters and sweet freezing.

We’ve also noticed that there is a missing graphical options and features from the PC port. The textures can only be set to “medium” or “low” only, so it doesn’t look that great. In a comparison video between the PC and console versions (PS4 and XB1) you can see that the textures are a lot nicer, and it looks like the shadows/shading is noticeably better on console.

At the moment, the console version is the definitive version, and the PC version is the ‘avoid it’ version. While it probably is a great game, it’s unoptimized, missing features, locked at 30 FPS and doesn’t look as good. If you’ve bought the game and you are displeased with what you’ve got, criticize/complain and get a refund if you desire. It’s not worth it and not deserving of its cost at the moment.

Batman Arkham Knight PC ShitaPortaRang

Also, its idiotic seeing people blaming others for buying it day one saying “You should have waited” or “You shouldn’t have pre-ordered it”, or even saying that “You should get a better PC” when they have the best around. Why defend a company who released a garbage product in terms of its technicalities on a certain platform and blaming on those who purchased it? Blame the developers not the players.

It’s tiring to get crap on a platter on launch, but here’s another one why not. Don’t buy it. Get a refund.

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