Dimension Drive, A Beautiful Looking Shoot’em Up Now On Kickstarter

Dimension Drive, A Beautiful Looking Shoot’em Up Now On Kickstarter

Dimension Drive, a beautiful looking shoot’em up where you wage war and destroy enemies on two battlefields. The game features a comic-like story telling style, and a puzzle like way of dodging and surviving bullets in space.

We had a go playing with an early short demo version, and the main focus of the game where you play on two battlefields as in switching between dimensions shooting and dodging bullets is fun, and refreshing to see in this kind of genre where it’s filled with the same idea over and over again, making this game the most unique to come out so far in this and most likely the last generation.


So the gameplay is unique and refreshing, one that gives interest to those who got bored of the genre, but what really interested me in the game aside from that is the main character, the art style, and the animations. The whole presentation the game is aiming for is just lovely, alluring and striking, with it comes a great piece of soundtrack that really puts you in an action and adventurous mood.


What I’ve played is presumably a taste of what’s to come, looking at some of these promotional videos and gifs, and so I do have high hopes in the game of delivering a high quality game with more fun fights. The game is great and their work is even better, so hopefully they will reach their funding goal as this game deserves it for their design if not their push in shoot’em up genre.

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