Preview: 12 is Better Than 6

Preview: 12 is Better Than 6

12 is Better Than 6 is the child that’s on TV that comes on a special and everybody likes him, he’s an only child and his guardian is Hotline Miami but he’s really into the wild west and the theme that it holds.

It’s a top-down shooter with a one hit one kill kind of system, set in 1873 specifically with the wild west theme with the whole game being hand-drawn and it’s just charming. Combine the art with the awesome soothing music and you get just a greatly themed game that you’ll enjoy and keep you moving even if the gameplay tires you, which it won’t.

12 is better than 6

Speaking of the gameplay, it’s you’re average top-down shooter and in the lines of Hotline Miami with the one hit kill and nice levels, and slap on some stealth element too. It’s smooth and quick, and what somewhat caught me off-guard is how the controls are handled where you’d have to handle you’re gun the same way it would be handled in real-life via mouse and keyboard controls. It’s was nice and refreshing to have a different control scheme.

Overall the game is just genuinely fun to play and is really challenging where you’d have to go fail and really know the ways of the enemies and the level they’re in to finish it without dying.

For more information about the game, check out its Kickstarter page here where there’s a pre-alpha demo you can try out.

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