Buy Battlefield Hardline for 34$. Change from Russian/Polish Language to English

Buy Battlefield Hardline for 34$. Change from Russian/Polish Language to English

Want to buy Battlefield Hardline for 34$ ? Then this post will save you money follow the steps bellow to buy Battlefield Hardline for 34$ ( USD ) from Origin Russia/Polish.

Step 1 : Download & Use a VPN like Flyvpn/VPN Gate to connect to Russia ” to have a Russian IP Address ”  Be sure to have Origin completely CLOSED.



Step 2 : Now that you are connected to a Russian IP Address, Open Origin and Login.

Step 3 : Go the Store tab in origin and search for ” Battlefield Hardline ” and click on the game.

Then click on the next button ( I do not know what that word means ) it’s the big orange button as the image below, and then follow the other instructions in below Images.

Step 4 : You will reach the payment page, choose Paypal and fill out the details as explained in the image”7″ below, be sure to tick the small white box and check out and agree to the terms, click the next big orange button and continue on. Now you’ll have the game in your account, but it will be completely Russian/Polish.


NOTICE: The game will be in Russian/Polish only, but you can change it to English. Read below.

Since the game is in Russian or Polish, you first have to download the English localization files from a torrent. So when downloading the torrent online, download the files that has a ‘ en.something ‘ . Once downloaded, place all of those files here [ C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\BFH\Data\Win32\Loc , or wherever your BFH folder is located at ]

Then do the below instructions

Run -> regedit -> yes -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/EA Games/BFG -> left click on the BGH folder once, then on the right there’s ‘Locale’ , right click it, rename, rename it to en_US

The text and voice over in the game after that should be English now. If the VO is not in english, go into the games option menu, and you should see a voice over option to change it to English.

Note : The game that you are buying is in Russian/Polish Language ( Russian/Polish Copy ). We are not responsible for any inconveniences or issues that arise from the following above instructions, nor are we held responsible for it in any kind or any form ( it also may or may not work, that’s why you pay by Paypal ) Use this guide at your own risk <3.

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