Bunker Punks Trailer Released, Scott McNeil As Narrator

Bunker Punks Trailer Released, Scott McNeil As Narrator

We got a gameplay trailer of Bunker Punks, what we see is a lot of shooting, enemies, guns, levels, an editor, and the golden voice of Scott McNeil as the narrator of the game.

Bunker Punks is an FPS/Revolution Management hybrid with roguelike elements. It’s inspired by combing the classic run-and-gun gameplay of classic FPS’s like Doom II and Wolfenstien with the random level generation, RPG elements and permadeath of roguelike games. On top of it all is a revolution/bunker survival sim, where you manage resources and upgrade your bunker to grow the Bunker Punks movement

A comment from the developer on reddit confirms the voice actor in question being in the game

The design is still being sorted, but pirate radio DJ narration is part of the plan and we’ll definitely be bringing Scott back into the booth.

For more info about Bunker Punks, a roguelike FPS, go here.

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