Batman: Arkham Knight PC Performance Woes & 30 FPS Lock (Fix)

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Performance Woes & 30 FPS Lock (Fix)

Batman: Arkham Knight was released a few hours ago, and already the Steam reviews section and other parts on the internet are reporting that the performance of the game is horrible. After playing it ourselves using the power of the NVIDIA GeForece GTX 980, we can definitely say that is the case.

Filled with FPS dips, stuttering and even more massive FPS dips if you hope on your Batmobile. What’s more tiresome is that the game is locked at 30 FPS. Another bad cringe worthy report is that it’s confirmed that it’s using the Denuvo DRM, which has been known for hitting performance of games.

As of the publishing date of this article, we’d recommend holding of purchase of Batman: Arkham Knight until these issues are resolved.

If you already have the game and want to your FPS experience above 30 FPS, then go to the game file location (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Knight\BMGame\Config) then open up the .ini file (BmSystemSettings.ini) after than you’ll look for (MaxFPS=30.000000) and change it to (MaxFPS=60.000000) and then you should be set to have the game running at 60 FPS. That is if you can reach it at a constant rate.

UPDATE: After a quick test, turning off all NVIDIA GameWorks graphical features in the options menu makes the game run buttery smooth. So the un-optimizations are related to NVIDIA specific features. Turn those off and you should be good.

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