Banned From GTA Online Because You Used a Mod? That’s Your Fault

Banned From GTA Online Because You Used a Mod? That’s Your Fault

There’s a lot of reports and complaints appearing that players who have used any kind of mod for Grand Theft Auto V / Online, like a FOV mod to increase their field of vision, have been banned from GTA Online. Those who got banned are obviously not happy about it, and to those who heard of this news too. It’s saddening, but it’s not the game or the developers fault, it was the users.

Hear me out before you hit the rage hammer on me, and let’s talk about this ‘issue’ to see where it goes. Rockstar made GTA V / Online, they released it with no mod support or even announcing that they will support it or not, so what that means is that they are not supporting mods at this current time.


Now, how I presume they are handling players who are hacking / cheating is by looking at the game’s files and see if there are any changes beyond what is the default, and if there is a change then that player will get banned and considered as a hacker / cheater by the automated system. This is probably one of the ways they are handling it, and it is most likely how other games do it too.

So, since the game doesn’t support mods, and bans people if they have modified their game files outside of their boundaries, then people who did that by installing mods to the game and with it crossed that boundary, they would then get automatically banned on the game’s online system / server.

People would say that if only they had option X or option Y, then they wouldn’t have to modify the game files to make that option available, but I’d reply and say that you can criticize it for not having it, you can ask for it to be added, and if it’s not added then you would just have to deal with it. If it’s something that you need in the game in order for you to play the game, like getting dizzy because of the low FOV, then request a refund if you’re unable to play it, as it is causing you problems.

The only thing I see a problem that’s in favor of the consumer / player is that getting banned from having modified game files while playing the single player, which is not a good move or fair as you are not affecting players in any way while playing single player.

To wrap it up, a player that modified his / her game files beyond the limits, that’s set in place by the developer / game, and played with those modified files online with other players, then you’d probably get banned and it would be because of your actions.


I know it sucks that there’s no mod support, I know it sucks to get banned from something you’d think is harmless and makes your gameplay experience better, but whatever the case may be, you must respect the boundaries and rules set in place by the developers or get punished for it, and if you don’t want to abide by those rules / restrictions then your option is to not buy the game or request a refund.

But Rockstar is not clear of all of the blame, as they have not clearly instructed users or warned them of this, knowing there’s a lot of interest in modding games. So if anything happened to players who got banned from this they should get unbanned, and then Rockstar should put a guideline / warning or something else that would inform the player of what is allowed and what is not, and what are the punishments of such actions.

If you have differing opinion on this event, then I’d love to hear it.


  • dox
    May 3, 2015 @ 20:34 pm

    You are missing the point here. They are banning single player mod users which is totally unacceptable whether they officially support mods or not.

    The mods out right now are simple silly scripts that modify numbers in the game while its running to produce goofy physics or enable cheat codes that are already in the game. Who cares if you turn into a whale in single player or lower your wanted level? Apparently rockstar since they will ban you.

    As for detecting mods…its not difficult. The mods don’t alter anything its just a couple simple files you paste into the gta5 folder that the game loads up for some strange reason and thats it so all they have to do is say does file x exist in root? Yes? Ban.

    • FreakOrama
      May 3, 2015 @ 21:14 pm

      I didn’t miss that point, it’s written in there, but yea that sucks and is unacceptable. Players who did get banned because of this (or because of being in the same lobby as a modded user) should get unbanned, and if that won’t happen then ask for a full refund, and if that doesn’t happen either then you’re inclined for legal action against them if one wishes to do so.

  • anon
    May 3, 2015 @ 20:57 pm

    “Just request a refund”
    Too bad you won’t get one since Steam doesn’t do refunds, and I highly doubt R* will either. Not only that, but you conveniently ignored that users who aren’t using mods are getting banned for being in the same game that modded users are in, which is a terrible way of dealing with mod bans.

    Something else to keep in mind, you could potentially be banned from Online, for modding the game in single player, if anyone has a single good reason for this feel free to explain, because there isn’t one.


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