Review: Snake Pass, Slither Simulator

A dichotomy of inspiration and originality courses through the veins of Snake Pass [Steam Store Page]. At first glance, Snake Pass might spark memories of Rare-like platformers of the Nintendo 64 era, a nostalgic art style full of colorful locations, […]


Review: Snowflake’s Chance, Hard as Hell

Snowflake’s Chance [Steam Store Page] is aptly named and hard as hell. Snowflake, the small, powerless bunny you’ll be controlling throughout the game, had a destiny: eat 4 pieces of delicious corn. But one of these pieces of corn made Snowball […]


Review: Leaving Lyndow, A Melancholy Farewell

 At the heart of the walking-simulator, Leaving Lyndow carries the you through a short, yet blissful trek all while breathing a somber air of consolation. Within the short time you’ll be spending with the game, Leaving Lyndow tries so hard […]


Preview: Conan Exiles, Tale of the Nudist Hyena Slayer

I’m suffering, and it’s bright. So bright my eyes are having trouble adjusting to the sunlight that bathes the desolate landscape surrounding me. The only sensation besides painful throbbing in my arms are the binds around my wrists, pinning me to […]


The Witcher 3 Desert Mod ‘Geralt of Arabia’

‘Geralt of Arabia’ has a nice ring to it. It would be amazing if we can experience a story with awesome character to meet based on the Arabian theme, with Geralt wear new awesome gear based on that theme. Little […]